2017 Indiana Safety Days

Indiana 811 and the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) would like to invite you to participate in Safety Days 2017. These FREE Safety Day events offer excavators, contractors, officials, and EMS members an opportunity to experience a live line-strike demonstration that emphasizes proper use of the 811 notification system, safe excavation practices and response actions to take in the event of a pipeline rupture.

The Mock Line Strike demonstration involves a pipeline rupture scenario including the consequences of unsafe digging. Industry professionals will be deploying the demonstration. Following the mock line strike, the participants and audience will debrief by engaging in discussion on the lessons learned.

Safety Days will also include a complete Indiana Dig Law training class, presented by Steve Baker of Baker Peterson. The class will cover Indiana’s dig law, best practices and how to properly document your worksite.  


Safety Day Includes: 

  • Classroom training on the Indiana Dig Law and best practices;
  • Live line-strike demonstration with emergency response;
  • Breakfast and Lunch;
  • Networking with utility, pipeline, oil & gas, first responders, municipalities, county and construction personnel.